Monday, October 31, 2016

October has definitely been one of my most fun months in New Orleans, and that's because I have finally started to step more outside of my comfort zone. I've gotten into a little bit of a routine and that helps out a lot as well.

I have continued my work at the KIPP schools, both the primary school and the high school. I really enjoy getting to work with the high school biology students and put my undergraduate and current grad school knowledge to work. With the primary school, we have continued to help out with administrative things that help the school run smoother. I like this work too because I understand the need to have the behind the scenes things be in order for the teachers and staff to get everything done that they need to. I also sat in on one of the primary school’s pep rallies and I thought that was pretty special. I'm definitely looking forward to finding other volunteering opportunities in the upcoming months as well.

I was able to travel some this month, back home to Ohio for a wedding, to Lake Charles (where the picture was taken)
and Hammond for some more Louisiana exposure. I loved that I was able to explore more places that just New Orleans, and it has definitely given me more of an appreciation for the South.

I’m excited to see what the last two months of 2016 bring for me in New Orleans, although I am excited to go home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas. Until next time – peace, love, and beignets.

Volunteer Hours in October: 4 

Total hours: 15.5 hours

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