Tuesday, January 31, 2017

December and January have been great months. Christmas and the New Year brought good times with friends and families, even though it rained pretty much all of New Year's Even in New Orleans.

Classes have continued to go well and this semester is definitely jam packed, which is proving to test my time management skills. Between classes, studying, and applying for a PhD program, I was able to spend a few hours at KIPP as well as get involved with community service and my coworkers.

At KIPP, I have jumped back into helping both administrators and teachers with projects. At the moment, I (and some other students) are still working on filing and keeping student records up to date. As the semester grows, I look forward to what other projects we may get to help with.

I am lucky enough to work for a great company that believes in getting involved with the communities that they have locations in. Starbucks every MLK day does a day of service and this year I was lucky enough to have gotten to participate in New Orleans. This year, I helped out with the NOLA Tree Project, which is involved in growing stronger communities and disaster relief. One of their big projects in New Orleans is planting community orchards in low income neighborhoods. This was such a great opportunity and I am grateful that I got the chance to get involved in this organization and I hope to continue to help in my time in New Orleans.

January Service Hours: 5

On a side note, I was also able to visit the World War II Museum. If you get the chance to visit the museum, you absolutely should. This is one of the best history museums I have been in - it made you feel like you were walking through the Pacific islands or in the forests of Europe.

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